Hi! I’m Mary, founder and creator of Skin Nurse Natural Beauty Products based in Nakuru Kenya. I handcraft artisanal soaps, Bath Bombs, Body scrubs, Body Lotions, Eye Cream, Body Butter, Masks and really anything else fun I can get my hands on. 

Skin Nurse by Mary was founded in 2018 and is a product of Divine Instinct Company which has specialized in all-natural artisan skincare products that are handcrafted one batch at a time. No two batches are exactly alike, encouraging us to think of all our products as works of art!  Our skincare line is handcrafted for everyone- men, women and children.

Each product we offer was created out of a need from myself and my own family. When formulating each product, we only use the finest natural ingredients directly from nature. You won’t find any ingredients listed in our products that we wouldn’t be okay with putting on our own skin!

Skin Nurse products are a woman-owned business proudly offering the finest of natural, handcrafted skincare products.